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What are VAT Loans and how do they work?

Cash flow is so important to businesses to stay alive, but also grow.

We have some interesting funding lines that could help your do both.

Are you concerned about an upcoming tax bill? Or if you could defer that payment and invest back into stock or opportunity, could that help grow your business?

If so please read the following and drop us a line if you want to discuss options.

VAT Funding

Applicable only for VAT registered companies. VAT Funding allows businesses to access cash flow quickly and easily. The lender will settle the quarterly VAT return and the client makes the first payment to the VAT facility 30 days after the lender pays the VAT.  

Corporation Tax

Spread across a term of 0+12 months – the first payment is due 30 days after funds are paid by the finance provider. The funding can be paid directly to the HRMC or to the client.

VAT Funding Benefits

  • If your business can use the cash to grow
  • Quick and easy to set up a VAT facility as limited information is required
  • It reduces the risk of incurring penalties or costly fines from the HRMC
  • If cash flow is tight VAT funding can take the pressure off
  • Stocking Facility (The client requires funds to buy stock)
  • Improves cash flow and allows you to remain competitive when purchasing stock in bulk to increase sales
  • Increases spending power to grow the business


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