Fixed IP SIM Cards

Whether you need a Fixed IP SIM Card with a public or private IP address we can meet your demands with our world class mobile data M2M Fixed IP SIM Cards.  Offering competitive prices and free SIM monitoring platform our data SIM cards with fixed IP addressing makes the implementation of your 3G or 4G router quick and simple and provides easy ongoing management of your SIM Cards.

Fixed IP SIM Cards with PUBLIC IP address.

We offer Mobile data SIM cards with a public IP address.  This means that once you insert your SIM card into your 3G or 4G router and have correctly configured your SIM Card APN settings the router will connect to the 3G / 4G network and will have a publicly available IP address.  So just like any router with an Internet connection with a fixed, public IP address you can communicate to the router directly from anywhere on the Internet and then use port forwarding to connect to your devices on the LAN.  When using a fixed IP SIM card with a public IP address ensure that your 3G/4G router firewall settings are correctly configured because your router will be exposed to the internet.  Many routers will have advanced features and restrict inbound connections to a single IP address or IP address range.

FIXED IP SIM Cards with PRIVATE IP address.

Our fixed IP SIM cards with a private IP address are the same price as our public IP fixed IP SIM cards and they also have a fixed IP address, but the IP address is a private IP address on the fixed IP SIM network.  This means that it offers an extra layer of security because your 3G/4G router is not exposed to the public Internet.  However, if you want to connect to your devices you will need to create a secure VPN from your computer or office router to the Fixed IP SIM network and once you are connected then you will be able to access all your devices.

There is a one-off cost for the VPN access which is £250.00 for IPSEC or £50.00 for other VPN services.

SIM Management Portal

With all of our mobile data SIM cards with Fixed IP address you also get the advantage of managing all your SIM cards in one place using the SIM management portal.   This will let you see the status of your SIM cards and you set see usage and also set email alters to notify you when your SIM cards are nearing their inclusive data allowance.

Data Aggregation

For customers with multiple M2M SIM cards on the same tariff we can aggregate these so your total inclusive data allowance is shared between the total number of SIM cards.

For example if you have 60 x 5GB per month inclusive data SIM cards on the Vodafone network you would have 300GB of data shared between your 60 Vodafone fixed IP SIM cards.  So if one SIM card goes over the 5GB per month inclusive allowance it will just come of of the data bundle.  With the data aggregation this will mean that if some installations use more than their inclusive allowance and some use less then it will even out and help reduce overage charges.

Why Do I Need A Fixed IP SIM Card?

If you want to remotely access your 3G/4G router over the mobile broadband Internet then a Fixed IP SIM card is the convenient and professional way to ensure reliable connectivity because you always know what your 3G/4G router IP address is.  So when your router reboots it will always have the same IP address and you have the convenience of the SIM management portal to manage all your SIM cards in one place.

If you don’t want the convenience of using a Fixed IP SIM card and you just want to use a normal data SIM card obtained directly from the mobile network then you would probably need to have a VPN server at your head office and configure each of your 3G/4G routers as VPN clients to connect to your head office server. This is because in most instances, SIM cards obtained directly from the mobile networks with use CGNAT (Carrier Grade NAT) which means that the IP address allocated to your SIM connection will be a private IP on the mobile network.  This means that you can’t use Dynamic DNS / DDNS because the IP address that the router reports to your DYNDNS service will be the private one which is behind the actual public IP address on the mobile providers network.  For example, if you use a standard Data SIM card and connect to the internet over the 3G/4G network and visit then the IP address it shows is the public IP address for the mobile network, your router will be one of 250 devices behind this single public IP address which is why you will be unable to connect to your router and connected devices because your normal data SIM has a private IP address.

Fixed IP SIM Card Services

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