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What is CBILS Asset Finance and how does it work?

In these difficult times we are working hard to try and find ways to support our clients with options they might not have known are out there.

We have seen more declines than acceptances for CBIL unsecured loans.  If your business has been affected by Covid 19 we are seeing much better conversions with the following:

CBILS Refinance Facility

This facility allows clients’ to take any assets/equipment which may or may not be on finance and refinance to raise capital or to free up cashflow to consolidate loans/finance to reduce your monthly outgoings or to reinvest back into the business.

If you have been declined for a CBILS loan – this is an alternative to raise the cashflow by securing the finance against the asset/equipment. The first 12 months interest would be paid for by the government and the total interest could be reduced by 20% to 50% depending on the term.

CBILS Asset Finance Benefits

  • Free up capital
  • Reduce monthly expenditure
  • Improve the rate of finance/term the asset/equipment was originally on
  • First 12 interest free paid for by the government
  • Personal Guarantee from the government up to 80%


Case Study One

A coach company approached us to refinance one of their vehicles to free up cashflow in the business. They previously took finance out 2 years ago and were paying £6,708.37 per month. We successfully placed the solution for the client by refinancing the vehicle and reducing his payments to £6,240.00 with the government paying interest over the first 12 months equating to a saving of £10,500.00. The client will pay £5,373.00 capital for the first year and will save approx. £1,333.00 per month in the first year followed by £400.00 per month the year after.

Case Study Two

A Farmer came to use to refinance £200,000 worth of agricultural equipment. We were able to refinance this for the client and successful place the solution on a rate of 3.6% and give the client £175,000. They took the finance over a term of 3 years and the government would pay 33% of the total interest charged, saving the client a total of £5,197.49 of interest.

By refinancing the equipment and the government paying 12 months interest it typically reduces the interest down to around 2% on a 3 year deal and 2.4% on a 5 year deal. The funder has appetite to refinance over offering a typical unsecured loan, as they have security against the asset/equipment and the government personal guarantee of up to 80%.

The great news here is it doesn’t have to be a refinance.  If you have unencumbered vehicles, plant, machinery we might be able to help.

If you think you think you might have assets that could qualify then please just drop us a line back and we will explore for you.

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