Empowering you to achieve your business goals.

About Us

NeoWave Commercial Finance is a corporate advisory service offering transparent, trusted financial advice and business management recommendations, empowering you to achieve your business goals.

Our combined team experience and expertise alongside solid investor relations enable NeoWave to offer high-calibre management consultancy services whilst collaboratively finding the right partners for raising the financial capital you require.

NeoWave focuses on achieving tangible, practical results in the shortest time frame; Our success is measured by the prosperity of your business.

Adam Tilson


Adam is an entrepreneur and businessman whose twenty years of experience has seen him set up several award winning businesses, bringing a practical perspective to project analysis and management, particularly in SME businesses.

Having been a founding partner in the UK’s largest independent SME contact centre group he has hands on experience of what it takes to start, grow and direct a business employing over 500 people. Direct Response, part of the Yonder Digital Group, honed his skills in deploying key communication strategies for startups through to international blue-chip organisations.

Adam has previously mentored numerous businesses for high growth, and through this coaching, realised that business owners are not being served efficiently by the traditional lending and investment pathways; something Alternative Finance is passionate about improving.

Chantal Van Zyl


Chantal has worked extensively across both international and UK finance markets, with her experience in both accountancy and insurance offering a solid financial grounding to the company’s knowledge base.

Chantal’s major strength is in client and investor relations, crafted during her six years with Direct Response, the largest independent contact centre in the UK, where she held sole responsibility for the management of all major client accounts.

Having forged a vast understanding of best business practice across a wide range of business sectors, Chantal’s experience ensures the consistently sound advice offered by Alternative Finance provides continued growth and profitability.