4G CCTV connectivity is one of the most common applications for using a 4G router and 4G Fixed IP SIM card.  It provides a quick and simple solution for remote connectivity and management for fixed and mobile CCTV solutions.

Once you purchase your 4G router and insert your Fixed IP SIM Card you have a router with internet connectivity with a fixed IP address so you can connect directly to the router over the Internet and using port forwarding connect directly to your IP cameras or more commonly to the NVR (Network Video Recorder).

4G CCTV Routers

In reality the majority of 4G Routers that we supply can be used to provide high speed, reliable 4G connectivity remote access to your CCTV installation.  They all include good firewalls, wired and wireless LAN connectivity and features like port forwarding and ping reboot.  They all work with our Fixed IP SIM cards so can provide a quick and simple method of 4G mobile broadband connectivity suitable for remote monitoring and management of your CCTV installation.

Fixed IP SIM Cards for 4G CCTV

The majority of our customers that choose to use a 4G router for remote connectivity to their CCTV will use a 4G Fixed IP SIM card because it will provider faster speeds for higher quality video images and also our 4G Fixed IP SIM Card tariffs have much larger inclusive data allowances.